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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Purse as Archetype

What is a purse? In Freudian psychology, it's a vagina. For women, it's a medicine cabinet, key rack, bank, makeup and hair boutique, body annex, and security blanket. For men, it is the ultimately feminine thing--almost worse that holding a tampon.

I shop for a purse every six months to a year. The old purse is stained, worn, squashed, or wasn't ever what I wanted; the new purse is crisp, clean, full of promise.

Requirements: Right size for now, black/pink/blue/orange (never brown), outside pocket for keys, at least one inner pocket, not too pricey, comfortable strap, not fussy.

My favorite purses were: hippie-looking beige leather with a long strap, cord closure and fringes from when I lived in Norfolk, giant orange leather bag (also cord closure), Stephanie's sausage, big leather wallet. What appealed? They stood out. They were not practical. They required that I plan my purse.

I've at times bought those extremely well-organized purses, because I thought they would make me organized. They don't. I do like a purse with an integrated wallet, because there's less to keep up with.

So what am I looking for in a purse that I haven't been able to find? Fun. Excitement. I want a purse that stands out, but not for being loud. I want it to be pretty but not silly.

Maybe I need to throw out the purse rules I've made for myself and look for a purse that has a beautiful color, a nice strap and at least one pocket in or on it. Size doesn't matter, except that it needs to fit under an airplane seat.

In dreams, I've heard that a purse can refer to a woman's uterus. So, is a purse motherhood itself? Do I crave the right purse because I crave being a mother?

Don't think so, though I'm not denying the possibility entirely.

Posted by Mary K at 12:22 AM

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